Active 50+


"Feel more alive, more in control of your body, better coordinated. Have FUN in this low impact aerobics class."

Active 50+ is a fitness class that focuses on your whole body using low impact aerobic exercise together with strengthening and stretching exercises to promote fitness and health.

Low impact aerobic exercise (or cardiovascular exercise) is appropriate physical activity that raises your heart rate and deepens your breathing. Your heart is a muscle, which, like any other muscle in your body, needs to be exercised to make it strong and work efficiently. When your body works harder it requires more oxygen, so when exercising, your lungs and respiratory muscles are also strengthened and encouraged to work more efficiently.

Active 50+ treats your body with respect. Low impact exercise uses movements that reduce excessive pressure on your body (so you won’t find jumping or spinning activities that may aggravate joint or inner ear or balance issues). You are encouraged to work at an intensity that is appropriate for your body on the day. You will learn a combination of whole body moves to enable you to exercise safely and efficiently for you whilst having a fun workout within the group.  Strengthening and stretching exercises will enable you to move more easily and promote quality of life in your daily activities.

Active 50+ also exercises your brain! We are told that exercising uses more of our brain than other “brain” activities (like crosswords or suduko). Here, too, Active 50+ treats you with respect. As the years pass many of us require a little more time to learn something new and piece things together. So an appropriate pace is used to allow time to think and to practice so you can get the most from your workout.

Active 50+ encourages you to progress your capabilities. As you become confident about what you are doing, and how to do it safely for you, the fitness programme is “tweaked” to help you to increase the intensity at which you are working, and to add interest to the workout, to challenge both your mind and your body.

Coordination and balance improve, even if you start with 2 left feet and feel wobbly standing on one leg. Coordination and balancing skills are incorporated and practiced to help prevent the risk of falling in later life, and, once again, encourage ease of movement during daily activities

Active 50+ is suitable for anyone who is maturing into later life (men participate too), and for those younger in years who are looking for a caring approach because of issues already relating to their health and fitness. It is suitable if you want to return to a fitness class after a break for whatever reason; or if you are considering starting a fitness class for the first time in your life (it’s never too late to start exercising); or you may want to try a different fitness activity or add to your fitness programme. It is suitable for those who value the myriad benefits that keeping physically and mentally fit can bring.

Active 50+ is for you if you would like a friendly fitness class where you are encouraged and guided to work at your own pace; where you can meet with like minded people, and even have a laugh or two!

“Always enjoyable” M H

“I leave the class with a mood uplift and sense of wellbeing” Mary B

“I can now walk from Sainsburys to Telegraph Lane with ease” Maureen

“Always feel very energised for the rest of the day” Tina

“What a wonderful experience of exercise and friendship” Ann P


Call Sally 01953 483787 for a chat, and to book your place for the next course.

Remember the saying: “Use it or lose it!”


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