Fitness Pilates


“Slow down, take time, feel good, look good. A dynamic, yet thoughtful and relaxing whole body approach to fitness”

Fitness Pilates is an up to date strengthening and stretching fitness programme, including balance and coordination skills. It is golden time for YOU, an opportunity to slow down and give yourself 100% attention.  It is based on the life long work of Joseph Pilates and developed using current fitness knowledge.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. In order to achieve happiness, it is imperative to gain mastery of your body. If at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If at 60 you are supple and strong then you are young”

Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates described his method of working as “Fitness from the inside out”.  It seems pointless to have strong arms and legs if the centre is weak. So exercises focus on the core muscles and move outwards to stretch and strengthen the whole body. This helps to facilitate an ease and efficiency in movement whatever you are doing. It also helps to coordinate movements of the lower and upper body.

Fitness Pilates encourages you to become more aware of how you use your body. It can help you feel more comfortable and more confident, and may even prompt other people to believe you have lost weight! By being more aware of how you stand, sit, lie, and move about, you may find that you can decrease stress on joints and release tightness in muscles. It may also help you to avoid injury.  People can come to class with minor aches, discomfort and headaches, and find that these have disappeared after their Pilates class.

Fitness Pilates is described as a mind-body approach to fitness. Joseph Pilates believed it was essential to concentrate on what you are doing which leaves no time for niggling thoughts to distract you. It is well known today that calming the body and the mind has physiological benefits. By the end of a session you will feel relaxed in both mind and body.

Fitness Pilates with Sally involves graduated programmes of work developed usually over a 6-7 week period. Newcomers are welcome within the first 2 weeks when everyone is being introduced to or reviewing basic principles of the exercises being focused upon. You are encouraged and guided to work at an appropriate level for each exercise each week. You are also encouraged to ask questions and share your experiences in order to deepen your understanding and further your practice. You are also encouraged to use your experience of Fitness Pilates in your everyday life.

As a beginner you will be taught how to align your body, and how to find and use your deep stabilising muscles. You will be introduced to lateral breathing, and to Joseph Pilates’ principles of movement. The focus is on mat work, building strong foundations for future development.

As an improver you will become more at ease with the basic exercises and using the guiding principles. You will be finding a softness within the effort applied, and understand that quality, not quantity, is essential to get the most from your pilates programme. You will be slowing and deepening your breathing, and becoming more confident using lateral breathing. Now, you progress through the pilates programme to challenge your core and the rest of your body to become stronger and more flexible, improving balance and coordination skills.

As an intermediate you will be developing further your pilates skills and abilities. You will be able to coordinate breath and movement. You will be confident about choosing the appropriate level at which to work with each exercise. You will be combining exercises into sequences which will involve mat work and standing routines.

Fitness Pilates is for you if you would like a fitness programme that enables you to work at a level that is appropriate for you and whatever is going on in your body at the present time. Bodies are wonderful things: who knows what your body is capable of given the right opportunities?

“I feel I have so much more energy, better posture and balance which carries over into everyday life” –Ann.

“Fitness Pilates has helped me to become free of back pain for the first time in many years. Without exception I feel more at ease bodily and mentally after Fitness Pilates” –Frances.

“I have MS and Fitness Pilates has helped me to balance,  and my body feels more at ease” –SD.


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